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Bronze Transformation Package

This is ideal for you if you need to just freshen up your workouts and have run out of ideas and need a bit of extra motivation to get those body shape results.

Might just be the fact you have become bored of your current workout.

This program is a best suited for you for maintaining the results as you still do a weekly session aswell as doing your own workouts to keep motivation high.

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Silver Transformation Package

This program is best suited to you if you feel like its more of a struggle to exercise by yourself and need even more motivation to push yourself to get results.

Because you are training with us 2 times a week you will get results quicker.

This package would suit you best if your training for a sporting event who have a special occasion you want to look good for.

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Gold Transformation Package

This program is best suited to you if you have a lot of weight to lose.

You train with us 3 times a week so it’s a lot more intense and more commitment involved.

If you’re the type of person who finds it hard to get motivated to do any exercise at all this is the best package for you to do.

We will spend a lot of time on mind set aswell as exercise goals to make you feel more focused on getting the results you desire.

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Kids Fit Camp

At 121fitnesstraining we are now offering a kids fit camp class with Gemma. The class is for 6-12 year olds who want to improve their fitness, meet new friends and have fun. The kids fit class runs alongside our adult boot camps so if you want to try one out at the same time whilst your child is doing a class the first session is FREE.

After you have tried out the class all our classes are then done on a monthly subscription. Could you put the image of Gemma on there or the kids pics that l sent previously.

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Adult Boot Camp

Adult boot camp is a miltary type based class where we do a varierty of different exercises so no session is ever the same. You dont have to be an elite athelete to participate as the classes are for all fitness levels.We train on Mondays, Thursdays from 6-7pm, Saturdays 9-10pm and Sundays 11-12pm at shaw forrest park, west swindon.

The first session is free and all you need to do is register 15 mins before we start the class then we take you to the park to workout.

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