This time of year is a classic for people jumping on the band wagon after Christmas and following the latest and greatest fads when it comes to eating! If you take a step back from all the madness suggesting this is the best way to lose 20 lbs in 4 weeks for example and bring things back to basics you will get a lot more sustainable results! Probably with doing things in life quickly you never ever sustain the same results as your body is very clever at second guessing what your doing and goes into a fight or flight mode.

If you follow these steps instead of going for a quick fix approach you will see greater progression and sustainable results!

  1. Counting calories-This is a pointless task and makes life boring, as long as you don’t eat to little and keep your body moving day to day don’t bother!
  2. Cutting out food groups– Again a big no, your body needs a balance of all nutrients to maintain optimum balance of bodily functions and regeneration.
  3. Eating low fat– Totally pointless as all the membrane cells in our body are made up of it. Fat is good for your and sustains your appetite if you restrict this your body will just crave sugar is some form.
  4. Snacking-This is a classic thing people do when they are bored! Really try and listen to your bodies natural hunger senses and if your not hungry don’t eat!
  5. Make your own meals– Sounds simple enough but a lot of people don’t do this. They rely on process food from the supermarket, problem with this is you don’t know what is in the meals and they normally have a higher sugar or harmful fat content
  6. Avoid fruit juices– Yes l said it, thought they were healthy think again. When fruit is blended you are just left with the pure sugar and its stripped of all the fibre you need in your body. Eat whole fruit instead.
  7. Skipping breakfast– Most important meal in the day. If your someone that doesn’t eat something before starting the day your more likely to put on weight. Reason is people who don’t have breakfast tend to either snack in the day or eat a heavy meal at night which they never digest properly.
  8. Dieting- At all cost whatever you do, don’t diet in any circumstance. Once your on one you will never get off it as the yo-yo effect will mean you in a constant cycle of losing weight putting it back on.
  9. Avoid Fizzy diet drinks-Its a total myth that a diet drink is better for you. The problem with them is they contain sweeteners which aren’t recognised in the body, all that happens is you store this as fat.
  10. Too much fruit– Quite controversial l know but hear me out. The thing with fruit is its perceived as healthy no matter how much you eat right? Wrong! Fruit essentially is fructose which is sugar, different types of fruit have differing levels of sugar in. So for example if you eat 5 banana’s a day this is equivalent to over 500 calories and 82 grams of sugar in your daily intake, so be mindful of eating less calorific fruits like berries.

If you can manage to avoid doing these things in your daily food intake you will be well on the way to achieving and sustaining better results from all your exercise efforts in the gym!

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