At this time of year it is very important to maintain your exercise motivation to give you momentum going into the festive season. It is very easy to let things slip when the mornings get darker and we have less daylight, however when this happens this normally has an effect on our eating patterns leading to weight gain. The main thing to do is keep focused and have a clear idea of your why your exercising?

These following tips will help you keep a clear vision of how to stay on track and maintain your motivation!

1) Set realistic goals

Your fitness goal may be too big for you right now, especially if you’re new to exercise. Beginners tend to go for maximal goals, but you can easily become overwhelmed by them. So don’t start off trying to work out an hour every day. Instead, set more reasonable, achievable goals, like exercising 20 to 30 minutes two or three times a week.

2) Track Your Progress

Chart your workouts, whether you do it online or in an old-school fitness journal. Seeing improvements, whether running faster, doing more reps, or working out more often, makes you want to keep going.

3) Don’t feel guilty

You’re going to miss a day or two. If you accept that there will be some side steps on your fitness journey, you’ll be better prepared mentally to deal with setbacks. Just because you skip a day don’t sweat it and use that as a excuse to give up!

4) Focus Only On Yourself

There will always be someone fitter, faster, or more flexible than you. By keeping focused will allow you to achieve the goals you’ve set and nobody else’s!

5) Support your cause

Find friends, family, co-workers, neighbours who will encourage you to stay on track. Ask them to do exactly that.Remember though helpful reassurance should not turn into criticism, gently remind whoever is supporting you that you don’t need negative feedback as this will lower motivation massively.

6) Make it fun

If you can’t get motivated, maybe you’re doing the wrong activity. Or you used to like it, and now it’s gotten stale. Pick activities you like the most, and they become something to look forward to. Remember, exercise does not have to happen in a gym. Maybe you’d rather go running, cycling or power walking, do a charity run or walk, or dance class.

7) Short and sweet

Talk yourself into exercising for a few minutes. You may want to keep going. If not, you can do a couple more mini-sessions during the day, instead of one long workout.

8) Work out at your convenience

When you’re busy, don’t spend 30 minutes driving to a gym. Maybe try online exercise videos instead. Change the time of the day to suit you, if your not a morning person workout later and vice versa.

9) Live in the now

So maybe you weren’t the most athletic person at school and didn’t enjoy games lessons. Your goal now is not to win a race or be competitive with your peers. You want to exercise to stay healthy and enjoy your life.

10) Treat yourself

What l mean by this is if you have managed to drop and dress size then maybe treat yourself to a new outfit. Or for example if the exercise has been going really well get yourself a nice pampering day like a spa. Don’t however fall into the trap of gorging yourself with food because you’ve dropped a few pounds, as remember you are trying to establish healthier habits which take time!

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