The idea of a boot camp often conjures up images of scary personal trainers who shout at you as they make you run laps carrying incredibly heavy weights. In reality, boot camps can actually be a great way to kick start your fitness routine, in a motivational and friendly environment.

Outdoor fitness boot camps are now mainstream and can be found in local parks across the country, Their combination of no-nonsense training plus enhanced fitness results have seen many abandon the gym altogether in favour of workouts that deliver strength and fitness fast.

Here’s why you should join your local boot camp!

They’re good for team bonding

Team workouts are the main focus of boot camps. You work together to achieve exercise goals whilst competing against others.

They’re motivational

Training in a group and competing against your peers or supporting fellow exercisers is hugely motivational. It’s amazing how getting that shout out from a friend in a particularly tough workout which helps you to dig deep.

The great outdoors

There’s nothing better than exercising outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine. The green and leafy surroundings of your local park or an evening sunset can inspire and help you to get out there and train that little bit harder.

They are more functional

Workouts favoured by many boot camps tend to focus on body weight exercises performed at high-repetitions. This helps develop endurance and promotes lean muscle tissue not bulk. Sessions are perfect for those looking to lose weight and gain definition. Also by working outdoors your body has to work harder due to different terrains and weather conditions.

They save time

You’ll be hard pushed to fit as much exercise in an hour at the gym as you would at a boot camp. Plus, being located perhaps at a space closer to home means it’s easier to fit into your daily life. Boot camps are all about motivation and results so pack a lot of training in just a 45-60 minute window.

If wish to try out our local boot camp in Swindon please  click on the link below. We only have 10 places available for each session so don’t delay book your place today!