As we all know its a struggle sometimes to eat healthly. The main issue is time with our life’s getting forever busier whether it’s work or family. The key thing though is preparing your meals in advance so when life takes over you have something healthy available to eat and don’t have to second guess.

By the following these simple 5 steps this should help you organise your meals better.

1. Dedicate a few hour per week

Not a whole day, but working a couple of hours into your weekly schedule to allow for meal prep, and staying consistent about it, will make you much more likely to stick with it.

Sundays for me are the best day, but if this is a struggle maybe just pick a different day when you have a few hours. Once you choose a day, dedicate two hours to your prep and schedule it in your calendar. You will soon get the hang of it after a few weeks.

2. Get the right containers

Clear, glass containers are ideal for stocking your fridge. They allow you to see everything and avoid the dreaded BPA or chemical leakage from your old plastic containers. Before you get food prepping get rid of old take out containers and make room for all your new healthy meals containers to be stored.

3. Select Proteins, veggies and grains

Make things simple by choosing a protein like chicken that can go in your slow cooker while rice or quinoa can cook at the same time. All of your veggies can roast away in the oven. Throughout the week, you can easily use this as your starting point to make different combinations and prevent food boredom by topping them with different sauces, chopped fresh veggies. Foods like muffins, oatmeal, soup, chilli and sauces all freeze near perfectly. Just make sure to avoid freezing lettuce that you plan to eat fresh.

4. Plan for leftovers.

Make a little more than you may think you need. Any excess food can always be packaged and frozen to be defrosted at a later date. No need for microwave or takeaway dinners when you already have homemade meal ready to be heated and served.

5. Account for snacks

Don’t forget to account for afternoon hunger pangs! This will leave you running for unhealthy snacks that are salty, sweet and not nutritious. Prep bags of chopped ingredients or maybe make a healthy smoothie. Dry mixed nuts or fruit and your other best alternatives and will keep the blood sugar stabilised.

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