Talk to yourself like the person you want to be

Negative self talk is a powerful and destructive message in the brain which can easily stop your weight loss results in their tracks. We’ve all eaten that donut and then beaten ourselves up for not having willpower or for sabotaging our latest healthy eating efforts. In our own mind, we need to talk to ourselves differently about how we see ourselves.
The first step is to stop blaming yourself for being overweight or berating yourself for “cheating” or eating the “wrong things”. Our language is powerful and as we beat ourselves down in our heads and punish ourselves, we are reinforcing the idea that we are not strong enough, worthy enough, or disciplined enough to lose weight.

Being overweight is not “your fault”

Business experts tell you that you need to believe you deserve success and that you are capable of great things in order to then gain that success and achieve those great things. When it comes to weight loss, we need to believe that we are fit and healthy and that we deserve the best life. You cannot succeed at weight loss and achieving health if in your mind you believe you are a failure. Your mind does what you tell it to do … if you beat yourself up and tell yourself you are fat and a failure because that diet didn’t work, then your mind will keep you on that path to failure and faddy diets.

Healthy meals don’t have to be boring

The common myth is healthy food will taste like sawdust and be completely bland and boring but it if you make it that way. Think about what makes a meal really special with say a garnish on the side, the way the vegetables were cut, how everything is plated on the dish. Why not add a some basil to your bowl of noodles for example. You can make the everyday meals in your home special and appetizing by adding garnishes, making them look pretty on a nice dish or bowl, by doing this they will be a lot more appealing to eat.

Look at working out as self care rather than a chore

In our culture, we look at working out and staying in shape as a chore. Growing up l spent most of my days outside being active playing sports . I was actually pretty strong as a teenager because l played tennis, football, and cycled everywhere instead of sitting in cars. Back then we didn’t have satellite tv with endless programs to watch my parents didn’t buy us gaming systems. l  literally spent most of our childhood outside doing active things. Fast forward 20 years life has become far to convenient due to technology and we move a lot less! The first strategy is to get more active throughout the day. Working at home, I can control how my day looks so I can work in time to get up and move around. But even if you don’t work at home, there are things you can do to get more active. For example get up from your desk to get a drink, use the stairs instead of the lift, on your lunch break go for a quick power walk!


Focus on something different in the gym

Only a small percentage of people love going to the gym in reality, but most of the time we are focused on the wrong thing’s. You might start thinking about how its a hassle to drive there, that you haven’t got the energy, or watching a program on tv to distract you! All these things can deter me from going to the gym. Have you told yourself similar things? Remember at the start l mentioned how talking to yourself differently is the key, so If you to be healthy and fit you have to have the focus of someone that is already. Maybe have an image in your head on what that could look like?

Try c changing your mindset first and the rest will fall into place!

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