Easter is nearly upon us and the supermarkets are currently stocking up on all those lovely chocolate eggs! Easter eggs however can differ massively in calorie and fat content so its all about moderation and getting the balance right like most things in life. Your standard cadbury creme egg (39 grams) will be around 180 in calories and 6.3 grams of fat, however and the worst culprit is the dairy milk egg (343 grams) which is a whopping 1900 calories and 102 grams of fat! Bearing this is in mind a women’s daily food intake is around that and fat intake per day should range between 55-85 grams which should be around 20-30% of your food intake.

Below with give you the 8 of the best ways to burn off all that chocolate so your looking great for the beach on your summer holiday.

1) One of the ways to get rid of that chocolate egg is to run at a constant speed of 7mph ( 8.5-minute mile) for an hour. Obviously this requires a good level of fitness so you can change your speed but it will just take longer! Dropping your speed to 5mph (or a 12-minute mile) means you’ll need to run for about an hour and 20 minutes. Either way, that’s a lot of running.

2) Surprisingly, swimming is one of the best calorie-burners – but, again, only if you really push yourself. Calorie expenditure depends on which stroke you choose and how hard you work: an hour of furious front crawl will obviously have far more of an effect than a lazy backstroke.
Sixty minutes of continuous butterfly gets you to around the 1,000- calorie mark; continuous breast-stroke at a reasonably fast pace burns 750 calories an hour; front crawl comes in at 700; backstroke at around 600, and a leisurely swim drifts in at 400 – meaning you would have to spend two hours in the pool to shift that egg.

3) Think Tour de France – set a punishing pace, add some hill climbs and flat sprints – and you’ll say goodbye to a whopping 950 calories an hour. If you’re too weak-willed to set your own pace, try a spinning class. You could burn about 800 calories an hour.
A leisurely cycle around town will burn only about 350 calories an hour, but work on your speed and you could hit around the 600-calorie mark.

4) Although a stroll doesn’t sound like a great way to expend energy, there are ways to make walking more effective, helping you burn calories in less time. Walking at 3mph (20-min mile) burns only 300 calories an hour but hiking uphill at the same pace burns around 425 calories an hour.

5) A high-impact aerobics class will wipe out around 600, but a more gentle, low-impact aerobics class uses only around 400 calories. Adding a step is a great way to increase calorie expenditure: using a 6in to 8in step for an hour burns around 750 calories, while using a 10in to 12in step takes it right up to 900. BodyPump is a good class for calorie burning too – it combines weights, movement, and step in one high-energy workout.

6) Housework and general cleaning chores are a good replacement for the gym. You might be surprised by how many calories you burn doing housework. Cleaning, vigorous vacuuming, scrubbing, moving furniture and lifting boxes can add up to around 450 calories an hour if done continuously and at speed – so dig out those rubber gloves and spring-clean away that egg.

7) If you have a garden, get out in it. Doing the odd bit of weeding and potting won’t get you far – but hoeing, digging, raking leaves and moving pots and bags of compost for 60 minutes will help you burn around a third of your Easter indulgence at about 350 calories an hour.

8) Getting active with your children is a great way to burn off calories and it’s fun too – so get outside and use your imagination, especially if you are on holiday. Create a treasure hunt, roll eggs down hills, play hopscotch, start a game of hide and seek, tag that gets you all moving and using energy. The more active you are, the more calories you will burn. That old playground favourite skipping burns 700 calories per hour, too, so crack out a rope.

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