Adult Boot Camp

Adult boot camp is a miltary type based class where we do a varierty of different exercises so no session is ever the same. You dont have to be an elite athelete to participate as the classes are for all fitness levels.We train on mondays, thursdays from 6-7pm, saturdays 9-10pm and sundays 11-12pm at shaw forrest park, west swindon. The first session is free and all you need to do is register 15 mins before we start the class then we take you to the park to workout.

After you have completed your first class all payments are monthly through gocardless which gives you access to unlimited sessions.


Mondays – (A mixture of fitness circuits combining different bodyweight exercises)

Thursdays – (Hill running combining different bodyweight exercises)

Saturdays – (strength training session using kettlebells, battle ropes or car tyres)

Sundays – (kicking and boxing circuit combining different bodyweight exercises)

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