There has always been a question that has intrigued me about the fitness industry, why is it that we are all so obsessed on how we look externally but never really think about whats going on with our bodies internally. The problem is with just concentrating on your body being aesthetically pleasing is you could not be listening to what your gut is saying, which maybe due to weird eating habits or toxic supplements filling your body with chemicals. What this can do long term is really damage your internal health and build lots of bad bacteria within your gut.

One way to correct this is to do 21 day purify of your internal organs. This means taking out all potential allergen’s out of the body. For example taking out caffeine, gluten, dairy and alcohol out of your daily would help in detoxify the body for this period. Then once you’ve gone through that 21 day period you can determine what irritates your digestion by bringing one of those things back into your intake and seeing what happens.

Signs and Symptoms of a bad gut?

1)Digestive issues like bloating, gas or diarrhoea. These are the hallmark symptoms of gut dysfunction
2)Sugar cravings.
3)Bad breath.
4)Food allergies or sensitivities
5)Moodiness, Anxiety and Depression
6)Skin problems like eczema
8)Autoimmune disease and suppressed immunity

If you have any of these issues you need to address your daily food intake and think about making a lifestyle change so your gut doesn’t suffer anymore which could lead to more serious conditions.

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