This is one of the most frequently questions I get asked in the studio whilst doing training sessions with clients. There is a lot of bewildering information out there and lots of questionable quick fix diets that so say will get you that ellusive SIX PACK! Firstly what you have to remember is not everyone has the same genetics so it may not be possible for you to get that anyhow!

These following these 5 rules rules will certainly give you the information needed to get your abs looking nice and lean!

Rule 1 Eat enough protein

This helps you build muscle and speeds up the bodies metabolism so you burn more fat.

Rule 2 Have post workout carbohydrates

Now obviously l don’t mean chucking anything down your neck! The right type is key for example natural grains like rice and oatmeal or sweet potatoe for example. Don’t go mad though aim for a fist sized portion to control your amount!

Rule Eat healthy fats

Sounds strange but fat is a good thing in the body and helps your blood sugar stable. Look at including nuts and seeds for example almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds.

Rule 4 Stop doing thousands of crunches

Concentrate your efforts on compound exercises which require more movement and burn more fat. This will be way more effective then an endless ab workout!

Rule 5 Use smarter cardio methods

Its a massive myth that doing long sustained cardio training will get you seeing the abs. It might make you lose weight but also muscle at the same time. Put some high intensity training into your cardio through HIIT sessions and reap the benefits!

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