Having a fit and healthy workforce has been proven to increase productivity. Not only do desk based jobs negatively impact on physical and mental wellbeing but they contribute to the UK losing £29 million in workplace absences

Here’s a few suggestions you can try a introduce and introduce into the office place for a more healthy and productive day.

Take an Activity break

Set a reminder on your calendar pop up for 5-10 minutes every hour. Spend Five or so minutes out of the office chair doing press ups, squats, lunges and bodyweight dips. Then maybe 5 minutes of stretching to help posture. (If this isnt appropriate in the office find a meeting room you can sneak off into)

Move all your joints

Rotate all your ankles,knees, hips,back,shoulders,wrists,fingers,neck and jaw. Try and do this in all three dimensions or full circles depending on the joint. (the good thing is you can do this in your office chair)

Walk up the stairs

Its quite easy to use the lift or escalator at work but that extra effort to walk instead could help you burn up to burn an extra 9 calories per staircase. You do this several times a day it starts to make a difference! Even better still run up them instead and burn up to 15 calories per staircase!

Take regular trips to the water fountain

Instead of bringing a bottle into work just use the smaller cups from the water fountain. This will make sure you get out of your office chair on a regular basis and also keep your resting metabolic rate working at higher levels.

Get a standing desk

This is something you might be able to request from your employer. If not then getting a laptop stand might be another option. You can burn an extra 50 calories an hour by standing rather that sat at the office desk.

Go for a walk at lunchtime

Rather than sitting in the cafeteria or staff room on your break go out and get some fresh air. As well as getting a change of scenery you can burn just as many calories walking briskly at 4 mph as you can on a steady jog!

Sit on a stability ball

This is a great way to aid your posture and core strength at work as it gets your muscles more engaged whilst sat on it than your office chair. Whilst on there every 30 minutes try squeezing your abdominal muscles tightly and holding for 5-10 secs to maximise the effect.

Try at least a few of these suggestions if possible and it will make a big difference to not only your mental focus but help you feel physically better and less lethargic at work!

If your suffering from bad posture or joint problems please feel free to get in contact with me rich@121fitnesstraining.co.uk