Acidosis is a condition that appears when the bodies ph levels become too acidic. This can lead to an imbalance and stop your body from absorbing essential vitamins and minerals. It can also reduce cell capacity to repair and prevents the body from detoxifing naturally.

These following steps will help you restore your bodies natural ph balance.

Step One Drink more water

The amount of water your body needs is down to your activity levels and weight. So for example if your around 140 lbs i would aim for 1 1/2 litres per day, however if your
180 lbs aim more for 3 litres. You can drink natural water however if you want to take the next step put half a teaspoon of baking powder in every 6oz of water until your ph has returned to normal. To check your ph levels all you need to buy litmus strips online and do a urine sample, they normally come with a chart to check your levels.

Step Two Avoid or reduce coffee,tea and sodas

These type of drinks are highly acidic and can reverse all the alkalising effects by raising your bodies ph levels. Try using herbal options instead like peppermint tea, lemon tea ect. If you can’t do without tea or coffee try and reduce intake to 2-3 maximum a day.

Step Three Eat your greens

Green leafy vegetables like kale, cabbage, spinach, cauliflower are very alkalising for the body. Try and eat raw if possible by making a big leafy salad with other foods like cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, celery, cabbage, carrots or onions.

Step Four Ditch the dairy

Cows milk has been shown to produce an abundance of mucus in the human body. Many people also suffer from hidden allergy or intolerance which can increase the acid waste in the body. Choosing almond, rice or soya milk products will help you detox more naturally.

Step Five Avoid sugars

Artificial sweeteners are the worst followed by refined sugar. Sugar is acidic and decreases the bodys ph levels. Natural sweeteners like honey or dried fruit are better options.

Step Six Go vegetarian or reduce red meat

Red meat is especially acidic and produces a lot of metabolic waste. Try other options like wild fish, organic chicken and reduce red meat down to no more than 1-2 portions per week.

Step Seven Eat Grapefruit

Grapefruit like lemons are great way to alkalise the body. Grapefruit are quite high in water and contain natural detoxifying properties. Try and eat one every day during the bodies rebalancing processes.

Step Eight Avoid processed and refined food

This includes everything made with flower like pasta, bread, cake, muffins, croutons ect.
Try to avoid food pre prepared food that contains food colourings, preservatives and added flavours. Choose foods with the shortest ingrediant list that you actually recognise.

Step Nine Reduce stress

lmplement a daily practice of stress free activities like yoga, thai chi or some form of meditation. Stress plays a big part in the bodies ph levels. Stress also speeds up the aging process so it’s quite a good thing to let go of.

Step Ten Get yourself moving

Being active is essential for good health. Exercise improves blood circulation and helps detoxifying the body naturally. The sweat produced during exercise contributes to flushing out toxins including acidic waste.

By implementing these steps gradually you will be amazed on how much more energized you will feel. Focus on progression though not perfection and don’t go to overboard making your body go the other way too alkaline. This can easily be done by drinking too much fluid and flushing essential vitamins from your body.

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