The party season is in full swing and its so easy to get carried away in the moment and indulge far to much! Obviously at this time of year its nice to let your hair down a bit, but moderation is the key to not feeling like you have let it all go by january!

With this in mind try these following tips to give you a sense of control on the indulgence!

Never arrive hungry

Try and make sure before going to your festive party you have a nutritious snack and drink some fluids on board also. This will stop you from going crazy on the food when you arrive at your party as you will already have satisfied your hunger.

Divert your attention

Many people forget its not just about food during the holiday season. Enjoy your friends or loved ones by focusing on conversation or dancing to distract you away from filling your stomach.
Pace Yourself

Try a easy little method of saying l will only eat every 30 mins at a party. If you cram all the food down straight away you chew faster. By taking your time a chewing slowly you will fuller with less food in your stomach.

Buffet options

When dinner is served in a buffet style use either the smallest plate and try not to stack your food. Go for the simplest foods on the buffet also like fruit or vegetables or cold meats. Be careful of dips and sauces.

Limit alcohol

Avoid drinking too much alcohol at the party. Its not about the calories but control. The more you tend to drink reflects on how much food you consume as it deregulates your blood sugars and makes you feel more hungry. Maybe every other drink make it non alcoholic to keep you from going out of control, plus a better head in the morning!

Choose deserts wisely

When it comes to desert be selective the key thing is portion control. Try and have one single desert than several options. Ones to avoid are the really creamy or pastry based desserts, try and opt for jelly, ice cream or even mousse.

Limit tasting whilst cooking

If you do a lot of cooking during the holidays crack down on all those tastes. People lose their appetite when they’re eating constantly. Limit yourself to one or two tastes per item being cooked.

Walk it off

Make it a holiday tradition to have a family walk after your christmas meal. Besides burning some calories this will get you away from the food for a while. Walking benefits you physically but also gets you in the right mindset so you don’t feel lethargic after a big meal.

So remember enjoy your festivities but try and have moderation at the same time otherwise january could be a uphill battle to get back on track with your nutrition and exercise plan!

Healthy Regards