As the winter fast approaches the party season will soon be here. With this in mind you obviously want to look your best for the festivities and of the norm office parties. Now is the time to set a short term goal so you stay motivated until christmas!

The following 6 great tips will give you an idea of how to achieve effective weight loss that is sustainable and not just a quick fix!

Tip 1 Make exercise

This is really important as if your routine gets boring you will just switch off and not want to exercise or even worst reach for those naughty snacks. Try doing different classes from norm or changing your gym program if its got a bit stale.

Tip 2 Calculate your calories

This sounds a bit complicated but basically the common mistake is people cut back too much sometimes which means the body will just hold onto fat. A great app to use for this is my fitness pal or jump on some tanita scales to find out what you basal metabolic rate is currently. However make sure on your exercise days you always eat more to account for the calories burned off on the session you’ve done.

Tip 3 Track your progress

Again this is a must if you want to see whether your heading in the right direction. Don’t jump on the scales every day though as your weight can fluctuate throughout the day. Best method is first thing in the morning without your clothes on monday morning, then do the same sunday morning.

Tip 4 Keep a food diary

This is such a great aid to keeping focused on your food as it gives you a visual outlook on what your intake is like. Make sure you either keep a diary on you at all times or as ive mentioned my fitness pal is great for monitoring your intake. Ideally put down your exercise sessions on there also and add how many calories you’ve burned on them.

Tip 5 Exercise is needed

If you just concentrate on the food you will lose weight but your body will lose muscle definition and you wont looked toned. Only choose activities you like doing to maintain that motivation.

Tip 6 How to eat

It is very important to know what you should be eating, how much and when. Follow these initial steps always.

1)Never skip breakfast
2)Eat lots of fibre
3)Choose food which is low in the glycemic index
4)Exchange carb snacks with proteins
5)Keep your fridge full of low calorie snacks
6)Consume less caffeine
7)Eat alkaline based foods

Remember have a plan, maintain your focus, track your progress and you will achieve your weight loss goals.

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