HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is a training technique in which you give all-out, one hundred percent effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods. This type of training gets and keeps your heart rate up and burns more fat in less time. “A high-intensity workout increases the body’s need for oxygen during the effort and creates an oxygen shortage, causing your body to ask for more oxygen during recovery.

1. Increases Your Metabolism

Combining high intensity with interval training results in EPOC, which speeds your metabolic rate and “translates into a metabolism boost for up to 48 hours after a complete HIIT routine. This means you’ll still be burning fat even after you’ve left the gym.

2. Quick and Convenient

Long gone are the days of not having enough time for exercise. HIIT workouts is can be done anywhere: at home, in a hotel room, in a park, at a gym, etc. And most are 30 minutes or less! Who can’t spare that?

3. No Equipment Necessary

No dumbbells? No problem! HIIT workouts generally use only your body weight, since the focus is on getting your heart rate up and keeping it there. These workouts result in “optimal muscle building and muscle retention couples with fat loss and increased calorie burn

Why not try this beginner sample circuit to give you an idea on how one feels!

1) Squat Jumps 40 repS

(Bend your knees and squat down to touch the floor then jump into the air)

2) Jumping lunges 20 reps each side

(alternating legs stay on the toes and bend your knees to 90 degrees, rpt on the opposite leg)

3) Burpies 20 reps

(drop to the floor on your hands taking both legs back so your body is parallel to the floor then bring knees back underneath you and jump up into the air)

4) Press ups 20 reps

(Have your hands shoulder width apart and go either onto your knees or toes, lean into the arms and bend elbows to 90 degrees keeping your chest in line with your shoulders)

5) Tricep Dips 20 reps

(Find a chair or box step, place your hands on it hip width whilst keeping your backside off the floor. Either have legs bent or legs straight then bend your elbows to 90 degrees and lower backside close to the floor then come back up)

Try and repeat this circuit 2-3 times and you certainly will be feeling the burn straight away!

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