Fitness retreats aren’t just weight loss boot camps anymore. Today’s fitness retreats are the place to go to focus on your general wellbeing and to get results that you just can’t seem to find in the gym. All fitness programs begin with a doctor’s visit to get your medical history and to assess your ability to participate in certain activities. But the reason most people make fitness the focus of their holiday is to take advantage of the unique experience that can only find at dedicated fitness retreats.

The benefits of a fitness retreat:


You will have personal interaction with all of the personal trainers and their different methods. The individual attention you receive from the trainers can seriously boost the results in the period of time you’re at the retreat.


You will meet with our resident chef who will put together a meal plan that is tailored to your bodies needs throughout the weekend of intense exercise. You’ll learn how to eat a healthy, balanced diet when you return home and have some recipes to take away and try out at home. You don’t have to worry about what to eat – your chef will take care of you and cater for any allergies.

Motivation: You will find motivation from your personal trainers through a variety of encouragement methods. You will also find camaraderie in group fitness sessions. This family like mentality helps to pull you through days and makes exercise social and fun.


At the end of an intense day of exercise there will be yoga and pilates classes available to help you stretch out those aching bodies! Also an optional massage is available to those who need an extra stretch out and lengthening of tight muscles!


Because your are going to be training intensely throughout the day and eating the correct food you basically will get results more quickly! The weekend will not only make you’re body more physically stronger it will improve your mental toughness to achieve greater body shape changes!


The whole weekend is £250 for (Non-members) and £200 for (existing clients). The initial deposit is just £50 then you pay the outstanding balance on the actual weekend of the retreat. The cost covers food, accommodation and all training sessions over the 3 days. There is an additional option to have massage treatments at the end of the day to help with those aches and pains which you can book separately with our massage therapist

To book onto our 3 Day Fitness Retreat please email