Isolation exercises are great for minor tweaking, however for those looking to make significant changes they are not ideal. Here are five reasons why isolation exercises may not be your best option.

Exercise selection can virtually make or break a workout program. If you aren’t choosing the correct exercises, you are going to have a hard time reaching your goals and seeing progress. Often, beginners think that the more exercises they can do, the better. After all, hitting a muscle from every angle imaginable must mean you are training it in the best possible manner right? Wrong.

Isolated exercises are great for minor tweaking once you have already established your goals, however for those looking to make significant muscle gains or lose body fat, they are not ideal.

The following are reasons why compound exercises are as follows.

1. Number Of Muscle Fibers Stimulated:

Isolated exercises simply won’t give you the biggest bang for your buck because they just don’t target that many muscle fibres. Take a bench press verses a tricep pushdown. A Better option would be the bench press is going to work your pec muscles, your triceps, and your deltoids, all in the same exercise.

2. Reduced Time In The Gym:

Another reason why compound exercises are superior, going along with the last factor, is because you are hitting more muscle fibers with each lift and therefore required to spend less time in the gym. Now, who doesn’t want more results in less time?

By using compound exercises, you can perform 3-5 total exercises per session, stress your system enough to encourage muscular destruction and then get out and allow your body time to recoup.

3. Greatest Release Of Hormones:

Not only will compound exercises target the greatest portion of muscle fibers, they will also cause the greatest release of anabolic hormones in the body. The two prime examples are testosterone and growth hormone.

The more taxing the exercise on the system, the greater the release. This in turn results in greater growth (assuming your nutrition is good). Think back to your last hard leg workout. How did you feel afterwards? Did it increase your appetite significantly?

This is because your leg muscles are the biggest muscles in the body and when trained properly, require huge amounts of energy in order to perform and repair. Now think of the last time you did a arm isolation . Did you even break a sweat? These are such small muscles that it’s hard to really tax the body training them alone.

4. Reduce The Risk Of Overtraining:

One of the biggest reasons people do not see results is because they are over training. If you think about it because your training most days your body never really repairs properly so this will actually inhibit results.

Also, if you are doing a multi-day split program, you will likely only be working each muscle group directly once a week which may not be the best option if you are looking to encourage growth. By using compound exercises you can construct either a 4 day upper/lower split or a 3 day full body split and ensure you have a maximum recovery period built into your week.

5. More Time To Focus On Other Aspects Of Your Fitness:

By spending less time in the weight room you will grant yourself more time to pay attention to other aspects of your training such as cardio and flexibility. While doing hours of cardio is not the best option regardless of your goal, not performing any is not ideal either. Also performing cardio and weight training on the same day, which many will do if you are on a 5 or 6 day training split. By using a compound 4 day split, you will have 2-3 other days in the week where you can focus on high intensity interval training or a session of endurance training without sacrificing recovery by performing 2 a day workouts.

Stretching is often the most forgotten about factor in fitness which is actually very vital to proper performance. The wisest people will take the time they are saving on weights and dedicate it to improving their flexibility. By doing this not only are you reducing your risk of injuries, but you are also increasing the range of motion in which you can perform your exercises through.

The Following exercises l would encourage you to start putting into your workouts would be as follows

Flat bench press
Incline bench press
Decline bench press
Barbell rows
Standing Military Press
Split Squats
Reverse Lunges

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