While many people will make getting fit or losing weight their New Year’s resolution, l prefer to make fitness goals rather than resolutions. The following top five tips for setting and keeping realistic fitness goals is definately a more effective approach to achieving sustainable success!

1) Keep your fitness regimen going through the holidays

That’s one of the big things that we advocate is, Yes, you’re going to all these parties and you’re eating more, but you need to still move.

Don’t just take a break from everything, even if you have to cut down your frequency. If you’re going to the gym three times a week, maybe you’re going to get in one workout a week. But it’s better than nothing.

2) Make fitness a priority

Don’t sit and ponder whether or not you’re going to exercise, , just do it!
I like the 10 minute rule. You have to do it for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes if you still don’t feel like it, quit. But most likely you’re going to get 10 minutes in and you’re going to be like, I feel good, I’m going to keep going.

We all have 24 hours in a day and everybody’s got stuff going on, but again, you don’t need an hour. It doesn’t have to become a big production. Maybe it’s just 10 minutes here, 10 minutes there. There’s lots of ways to sneak it in.

3) Exercise at home

You don’t need a gym to exercise! Use what you already have in your house. For example lunges with baked bean cans, use a chair for some arm dips or squat jumps up a couple of stairs to get your heart rate going! If you can plan it and if you can fit a workout in in the morning, when the kids are still sleeping, just get it done.

4) Set goals that are action-orientated

We like to focus on performance versus aesthetics. Set a performance goal. Maybe it’s to be able to do a Spartan Race or a five km (run) or to do a pull-up or something that’s not aesthetic. You’ll likely get aesthetic goals out of it, but it’s not your big focus. Maybe the New Year’s resolution is not about losing weight, it’s about being active and track how much activity you get in the year. The end result might be losing weight, but at least you are more active and healthy.

5) Set the right goals for yourself

People need to track their history. I’m pretty sure everybody’s going to set some New Year’s resolutions and it’s not going to be the first time, so they know if they can fail or not. But ideally people need to have an intention in mind when setting fitness goals. Those goals have to have a why, what and how though. A very strong, why do you want to achieve it? What have you got invested? How you are going to achieve it? If not, it’s just some words up in the air that will never actually materialise into anything.

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