Stepping out of the comfort zone


Have you ever felt like your stuck in a rut? We are meant to truly live life and benefit from all its experiences that it brings. Unfortunately though we tend to get stuck in a pattern and going through the motions! Everyone has talents and goals but often fear is behind stopping them achieving their full potential. My first question to counteract this situation is what has changed? If nothing has then if you do what you have always done you will get what you always got basically.

Try these following methods below to help you get out of the comfort zone.

The First step

The first step to success and getting out of your comfort zone is just that, taking the first step. If you continue to sit around and complain, nothing is going to change. Making small changes day in and day out can have a great impact on your life. Start small and keep going. I have read countless stories about people who were so overweight they couldn’t even run around the block once. Those same people started out slow and started walking just thirty minutes a day and are now running marathons! When you start to truly believe in yourself and apply yourself, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish. Stop wishing for what you want and start working hard for what you want.

How to create success

If you talk to the most successful people in your life or in the world for that matter, you will find it didn’t come easy most of the time. They will tell you it took discipline, courage, strength, determination, belief, and most of all stepping outside of their comfort zone. The greatest people in history had to step outside of their comfort zone and rise up to achieve their potential. Don’t waste another year sitting around wishing and hoping for your dreams to come true. Go out and make it happen and show yourself you have what it takes. You were created for greatness and this is your time to shine!

Low self esteem

Maybe you’re dealing with low self-esteem, depression, heartache or sickness. Whatever you are going through there is no challenge that you cannot overcome. I personally have faced some life changing challenges personally. Sometimes it’s those dark moments in life that can define us. Remember a diamond is just a piece of charcoal that handled stress exceptionally well. You are a diamond and were created to live your best life! Often I have found that my times of darkness have made me stronger when I kept pushing on. I don’t mind going through tough times if it pays off in the end. I encourage you to seek help if you are feeling down and keep pushing forward.

Unhappy with your body image

Make a commitment to get myself in the gym, learn about fitness, change your eating habits. When you start to see results and the progress you’ve made, it will all be worth it. Make up your mind to change for the better and realize your value and potential. Live a purpose driven life and inspire others to reach their full potential. You’ll realize you should have stepped out of your comfort zone a long time ago!

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