Weight Loss Package

Weight Loss Package

Getting started

This package is for clients that have a lot of weight to lose and want t see big changes in their body shape. You may feel you have lost your way with both exercise and nutrition and need a complete overhaul to get your back on track. You will get 3 personal training sessions a week with this package.

What are the benefits?

Barbells and shoes

What the Personal Training packages involve?

At the start?

We will do a 1 hour consultation with you on arrival for the first time at the gym. This allows us to know more about you in terms of exercise history, exercise goals, medical background, posture check and body stat analysis.

What we offer?

We offer both 1-1 sessions and group workouts up to the maximum of 4 people, all sessions last for 1 hour and are valid for 4 weeks.

What you could expect to do?

We provide a mixture of functional exercises in the gym as they are more effective for your training and getting results. The workouts could be done using kettlebells, slam balls, medicine balls, TRX bands, free weights, stability balls or boxing pads.

Get in touch

We usually respond within 24 hours